Safety & Security

Safety/Security window films are thicker and stronger than regular solar films. They are designed to minimize the hazards caused by severe weather events, earthquakes, bomb blasts and break-ins. These films are designed to help hold the glass fragments together when broken, reducing the chance of injury from sharp glass. Because these films help hold the glass together, a stronger barrier is created, slowing down criminals to the point where they may choose to flee for an easier target.

Our Window Films

3M Ultra Prestige Series

The ultimate in high technology, offering 28 micro-layers of strong, tear-resistant Ultra safety film with the added advantage of Prestige series sun control films. Designed not to change the appearance of you home, allowing up to 70% of visible light through your windows while reducing 99.9% of UV rays and up to 60% of heat coming through your windows.

3M Ultra Series

The first of its kind, the 3M ultra series films are made from clear tear-resistant film that deliver superior performance over standard polyester films in blast and impact events while still maintaining a high level of optical clarity.

3M Safety Series

The safety series line of 3M window films is comprised of different thicknesses of standard polyester film mitigating hazards from shattered glass during natural disasters.

3M Impact Protection Attachment

This system bonds the filmed window to the frame with either an adhesive or profile option.